Comprehensive Fee-Only Financial Planning & Investment Management

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King Financial Planning & Management, LLC is a fee-only financial planning firm located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  KFPM provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to a select group of families and individuals.

KFPM has a fiduciary relationship with clients, and is compensated on a fee-only basis.  All compensation comes directly from clients, and the firm has never collected a commission.  We believe that this structure enables us to be as objective as possible in evaluating a client’s situation and providing advice.  We are committed to doing what is best for our clients, rather than selling them products.

We believe that the root of financial success lies in understanding your life’s goals, then structuring your finances to achieve those goals.  We strive to help our clients identify what is truly important to them in life, and then develop a plan that incorporates their goals.  However, planning is not a one-step process.  After the initial plan is delivered, we revisit the plan at regular intervals with clients to monitor their progress and identify any changes.

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